MOTOCICLETTA. L’architettura della velocità – Biennale 2018

MOTOCICLETTA. L’architettura della velocità – Biennale 2018
16 August 2018 Derriereitalia
In Bike Derriereitalia

MOTOCICLETTA. L’architettura della velocità

From 09 June 2018 to 28 October 2018


PLACE: Fort Marghera, Mestre – Venice


Free entrance



Speed, architecture and motorbike are at the centre of this exhibition linked to the Venice Biennale that Derriereitalia has visited for you.

Inside the evocative exhibition spaces of Forte Marghera are presented 41 motorcycles and scooters divided into seven islands: Electric, The basic motorcycles, Author’s pieces, Daring and refined, Sports, Heritage, In Africa and Scooters. The motorcycles selected are icons of technology, design and Made in Italy, we want to present the three bikes that best represent our style:



THE YEAR: 2018

ENGINE: 4T single-cylinder

CYLINDRATE: 124 cc – also available in the 250 cc and 500 cc versions.

Fantic Caballero Flat Track

A new bike but a historical model, the Caballero redesigned in 2018 by Fantic Motor.

The Flat Track differs from the Scrambler model by its almost single-seater saddle and rectangular side panels with the number 19, referring to the size of the rims, has a single-cylinder four-stroke engine.

The line is simple, characterized by a fork with anodised stems and a matt black tank with the classic Caballero logo.

A bike perfect for out-of-town trips but easy to ride even in the city. The perfect bike for you urban traveller Derriereitalia



THE YEAR: 1954

ENGINE: 90° V8 cylinder

CYLINDRATE: 498.5 cc

Moto Guzzi 8V 500 GP_Derriereitalia

We were dazzled to watch it because it is a motorcycle that has made the history of motorcycling in the 1950s. The project designed by engineer Giulio Carcano was tohigh-performance motorbike thanks to the innovative 4-stroke 8-cylinder engine at 90 ° V, a bike that had to oppose the domain MV Agusta and Gilera. A bike out of the ordinary that unfortunately could not express itself at its best because of the famous “pact of abstention” between Moto Guzzi, Gilera and Mondial.



THE YEAR: 1968

ENGINE: Single cylinder 2T


Innocenti Lui 50_Derriereitalia

The futuristic scooter of the Innocenti, designed by Nuccio Bertone, was intended to attract young people and become the competitor of the Piaggio Ciao that same year. Lui, unfortunately, was a resounding fiasco because of poor mechanics and poor performance, for this reason, were sold only 37,614 copies and after only a year was stopped production.




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